Many men are reluctant to visit their physician for a variety of reasons including fear, lack of information, sexual conditions, and cost factors. Our society says men should be strong and unemotional.

Men have many stressors; daily (traffic, quality and quantity of physical activity) chemical (tobacco, alcohol, drugs),  societal (society and family demands), life changes (divorce, bereavement), workplace (high demand job, low job control).

Stressors have physical, chemical and mental responses inside of the body. Physical stressors produce mechanical stresses on skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves that cause tissue deformation and in extreme cases tissue failure.

As you would not ignore the check engine light for your car, don’t ignore your body’s signals and don’t let small issues become bigger and more expensive problems to fix.

Taking steps like managing stress and staying active or eating healthy along with routine visits to your chiropractor can sustain wellness.

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